I was harassed by my ‘friends’💔

Been a minute since I shared a tale with y’all.For the record, all the stories I share here are personal, no fiction.They are experiences that I have indeed gone through. I do not write them to throw a pity party just in case they turn out sad.I write for fun. And I believe that thisContinue reading “I was harassed by my ‘friends’💔”

Heartbreak: part 2

Afer months of deliberation, I’m finally ready to wind up the story I was telling you guys about a ‘heartbreak’. If you missed it, here’s the link to part one. https://shiisays.wordpress.com/2021/10/23/second-heartbreak/ I left you guys where we were at Space Lounge imbibing cocktails and the Rastaman asked where I was staying. Part 2 My friendContinue reading “Heartbreak: part 2”

My first time tasting alcohol

When I was joining uni I was a typical village girl. (I wouldn’t say I have changed much but I’m not as naive and mediocre as I was back then. The ugicagi in me is still so profound)Coming to the city came with a culture shock that I had never anticipated but I had lookedContinue reading “My first time tasting alcohol”